Saturday, June 21, 2008

My Orangutan

Why do you call it your Orangutan, Nick? Well, #1: it's all mine and #2: I cheated and used a Google search (european orange big) and orangutans came up. Not really European, but they are probably the easiest species to compare this bike to. Mainly because viewing from the front of the bike, the ginormous gas tank protrudes outward and resembles the "flanges" that are visible on adult male orangutans:

And, oh yeah, “ORANGugtan”…”ORANGe”… eh, oh well, that’s her name and she’s sticking with it (yeah, it’s a she, it’s just a freak of nature that she has the male flanges, kind of like the bearded lady in the circus, everyone gawks at my orangutan the same way, the only difference is that my lady is free to view, but she’s quick, so take a picture if you need to).

Enough silliness, details:

[pic]Scott's Steering Stabilizer
[pic]25L Acerbis Tank 5900701370004
[pic]Frame Protection 77303094100
[pic]Z-Ring Chain 50310800118
[pic]14T Front Sprocket 50033029014
[pic]50T Rear Sprocket 5841005105004
Radiator Cooling Fan 78035041044
[pic]GPS Mount 60112092030
[pic]European Taillight Kit 78014040044
[pic]CDI Map Selection Switch 54839074100
[pic]Evolution Handguards U6907893
Handguard Deflectors U6907897
Orange Tie Downs U6951130
Grip Donuts U6951716
[pic]EE Route Sheet Holder 14-052
[pic]EE Silencer Guard 11-062
[pic]EE Clutch Slave Cylinder Guard 13-096
[pic]EE Skid Plate 24-076
[pic]EE Rear Disc Guard 13-045
[pic]EE Comfort Seat 75-308
[pic]EE Rear Axle Pull 23-056
[pic]Bonz Front Axle Pull
[pic]Bonz Handguard Mount
Garmin GPSMap 478
[pic]BulletProof Radiator Guards
[pic]SICASS Plastic Pivot Mirror 14-028
[pic]Sicass Bar Switch 26-042
Wolfman Small Rear Bag EX403
Wolfman Enduro Tank Bag M0303
Wolfman Expedition Duffel EX603
JD Jetting Kit
Moose Racing Fender Pack 3510-0010
Flatland Racing Front Disc Guard 13-12
[pic]Sicass Racing License Plate Holder 21-208
[pic]Sicass S2 Halogen Headlight Bulb 21-301
[pic]The Tugger Rear Strap
[pic]The Tugger Front Strap
[pic]Sicass Rear Flush Mount Turn Signals 22-100C
[pic]ASV F3 Brake/Clutch Levers (flippin' sweet)


(more coming…)

Friday, June 20, 2008

Another cellog test...

...with a picture. If this works, you should see a picture of my, I mean cube! Those who share the same type of work environment should cringe at the sight of this work hole, they all look the same. Sorry for posting such a bland and uninspiring picture, but the contrast with the upcoming photos should be like black and white, night and day, on and off, low and high, left and right, dry and wet, sick and healthy, slow and fast, 0 and 1 get the picture.

Thursday, June 19, 2008

Here's my two week notice!

Reality is setting in. I'm about to pack up and hit the road for 20+days. The longest I've been from home has only been 7 days...and that was in the same shelter with all amenities you could hope for. This is ~25 days of 25 different shelters, mostly probably primitive camping. I don't think I really know what I'm getting myself into, but I'm pretty stoked right now.

I plan to get more detail of the bike, gear and luggage that I'm taking with me, but alot of that is still coming in and I'm sure there will be a few last minute items that I will need. So, I'm saving the details for closer to blast-off date when I have all that I will be taking with me.

For now, I've been on Google Earth, MapSource, Excel and the Internet, going thru the planned motions mentally and writing them down. Like, where will I get oil this day, where will I camp this day, how many miles do I think I can do this day, etc... I'm trying to get a good timeline of events, but damn, after 10 days, who knows what's going to happpen? I could have bike problems one day and that could throw me back a day. I could have a sore ass, and not feel like riding that day. Who knows? It's kind of silly planning beyond a week, but I guess it's neccessary and now is the best time to mark any campgrounds and gas/water locations rather than doing that on the road. I guess the further west I plan, the more locations I'll have to map, b/c there's no telling where I'll be.

Anyway, I'm pretty stoked about the ride now. Before, my laziness had taken over and I'll admit that I was thinking that this may not be the best idea. But that has passed. It had to pass. Why? Because I really have no other choice. I realize that I could be walking (riding) into a ball of fire or the into greatest adventure I've ever undertaken. I could get some bad weather, bad luck with the bike and this thing could turn into a nightmare, or this thing could turn into great weather, no problems and wonderful sights.

There's really no telling at this point. But, one thing is for sure, I'll be ready to rock come July 4th, what happens after that is very unknown...

More details to follow...