Monday, May 5, 2008

Pre-TAT Trip #3

Rain was in the forecast this past weekend, but I guess there's no hiding from the elements when you're planning to make a run to the west coast on a tight schedule. As luck would have it, a guy that I bought some gear from (Kevin @, great guy, easy to work with) invited me up to Lenoir, NC to do some dual-sporting with his local buddies, the "HARDCORE" (Hickory Adventure Riders Dualsport Community of Off Road Enthusiasts, something like that) group. And, not only do I meet some new friends, they're willing to show me the way westward, scouting out potential roads for me to make my run to Jellico from Charlotte. Couldn't ask for anything more.

Not in a blogging mood right now, so I'll let the pics do most of the talking:

So, to recap the day, I meet 5 new dual sport friends, get wildly succesful finding dirt/gravel roads, ride the Blue Ridge Parway to Famous Louise's Resturant, hit some gnarly forest service roads, wreck and get stuck under my bike, camp out at Roan Mountain State Park, find more dirt/gravel roads, end up on a walking path and a closed forest service road, drive back to Lenoir and trailer it back to Charlotte.

Today was the first time camping off a motorcycle for me. Luckily it was mild and dry all day and night (except for a little rain on the BRP, but nothing major). Otherwise I probably would not have been as successful. I got to test out my riding gear and camping gear and everything worked just about as intended. I'm getting 45-55mpg which puts me at a 300 mile range. I think that'll do!

Got a few wounds (general soreness, bad back), but I think it's just muscles I haven't worked before, it'll all be straight for the big trip :) I'm definitely going to plan some more pre-TAT trips though, not really to find more roads this time, but just because dual-sporting is fun.

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