Saturday, June 7, 2008

Quick note

Wow, I just investigated who exactly owns the IP address. I don't think I'll be investigating any further, here is a clip from the whois search:

"OrgName: DoD Network Information Center "

...yeah, guess I could have picked a better IP address to use as a title for my trip... Oh well...

As far as my status on preparation:

1. I've given up on the oil cooler, I don't think they'll have one available by the time I need it (read: I'll be changing oil everytime I fill up with gas, yes, my gas range > oil range)
2. Turn signals are in the mail
3. New Kenda tires are on, installed exclusively by yours truly.
4. Extra luggage space (from wolfman) is on order.
5. And, probably ill-advised, but I've scheduled a dirt bike weekend at Brushy Mountain next weekend. I expect to sharpen my camping and dirt skills even more, but mainly, I just want to ride :)

Next up will be details on the bike and what I'm taking with me...

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